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Book Review of "Man's War Against Nature" by Rachel Carson

This quote at the end of the text nicely sums up the gist of the short work: “As Dr. C.J. Briej รจ r, a Dutch scientist of rare understanding has put it, ‘We are walking in nature like an elephant in the china cabinet’” (LOC 734). A part of Penguin’s ‘Green Ideas’ collection, Rachel Carson’s work, Man’s War Against Nature is a scientifically-focused study of the disastrous and harmful effects of chemicals—and most specifically synthetic pesticides and insecticides—and the outcome of using these instead of employing the method of vegetation management of selective spraying (LOC 728). Carson was a biologist, ecologist and writer, and it’s clear that her concerns are focused on preventing environmental disasters and caring for humankind by eliminating the abundant use of harmful chemicals in pesticides. This short text is extremely informative and educational. There are certainly moments when the content was complex. As someone who doesn’t have an academic background in science, I fou

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