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Book Review of 'The Paper Boat: A Refugee Story', AKA the FIRST ARC from Net Galley

This is my first official review of an ARC I've been approved for on Net Galley. If you don't know what Net Galley is or would like to know how to get started reviewing books on Net Galley, please let me know and I'll find an actual influencer who has more experience and a more thorough understanding of the platform, lol!Okay, let's get into this review of The Paper Boat: A Refugee Story by Thao Lam! I love this cover! Lam’s story ThePaper Boat: A Refugee Story incorporates collages to show readers a moving refugee story as one family escapes from Vietnam after the country has been ravaged by war.The front and end matter of the book contain illustrations of newspapers that chronologically document the events of the Vietnam War. With the exception of the author’s note at the end of the book these front page newspaper articles are the only text in the story. For readers who don’t know about the Vietnam War, the headlines help provide context for the story.Lam’s artwork is …

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