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New Year, New Blog!

Do people still make New Year's resolutions? I haven't made a resolution in many years. However, this year I want to commit myself to resuscitating this blog. I also want to reinvent it a bit. I will still talk about travelling (need to blog being in Ireland and a short trip to Malta), food and working abroad, but I also want to include more discussions about books and reading. I'd be thankful if people had discussions with me about books because I absolutely love reading. I an enamored with books. I am a bibliophile.
Before we get book happy, I feel you deserve some context.
My love affair with books began early in life. My parents always read to me and made me read once I could. My mom worked in a bookstore for a few years when I was about five years old. I would walk to the bookstore after school. I'd be allowed to look at all the books but not touch them. Sometimes I'd be allowed to read a book, but I was never allowed to damage it: don't ruin the spine, don&…

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