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Spoiled in Spain, Part I: The Food Bits

I apologize in advance. This is my first travel post since I've returned to blogging. Please forgive it all it's faults!

Last year, the Irish Chef and I travelled to Spain for the month of August. After leaving China, we needed to go to a place where pollution, censorship and the hustle and bustle of people and life wouldn't be part of the culture. We chose to detox in Granada at a very sweet Airbnb that was very close to the Alhambra: Guillermo was an amazing host, and I highly recommend his place!

While I think that the slower pace of life was what we needed, we didn't realize how long people and businesses siesta. It was probably something we should have researched, but I was so busy before leaving Shanghai that I was working up until the day we left the country. So, if you didn't know about siestas before, you've been warned. Siesta will interrupt your day if you wan…

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